Saturday, August 3, 2019

Running For Fun - How Did That Go?

When last we met, I was going to "run for fun" in 2018. Well, you see I had absolutely no blog posts in 2018 and have gone 8 months into 2019 without a post. So, how do you think fun running worked? It did not. Good guess. I ran less than 250 miles for all of 2018.

I am very goal oriented and the best goal to get me running is to have a race on the calendar. I did put a half marathon race on the calendar for March 2019, but I only half-heartedly "trained" for it because it had such a generous time limit, I knew I could walk the entire thing. We ended up not doing that one for family reasons anyway.

About a month ago, I was away from home on business and got it into my head it was time to start running again. I looked at the fall race calendar and signed up for a late September half marathon. Time to get busy again.

Since I quit running after we moved, I gained about 15 pounds. This summer I decided that had to go, so I adjusted my food drastically and dropped about 12 lbs in 8 weeks. That's when I decided to start running again and now I'm back to the weight I was when we moved, just after my PR half marathon performance in October 2017.

I've been running consistently for right at a month. I'm using an 18 week half marathon training plan from Luke Humphrey Running on Final Surge. When I started training, I was too close to actually use an 18 week training plan. I might should have gone with a 12 week training plan, but I already had this 18 week one. Given my fitful running over the last 2 years, I didn't want to purchase another plan and just end up not completing it. The great thing about Final Surge training plans is you can use them over and over again.

Since I was too close to my race date to do the full 18-week training plan, I decided to just start at the beginning and get as far through the program as I can. I'll have to adjust the last 2 weeks for a proper taper into race day.

I am definitely not looking for a personal record, especially considering I'm not doing a full training cycle. I just want to mosey around the course and get done in 2 hours 45 minutes. B goal under 3 hours. Of course, I have a secret extra credit goal, but likely won't hit that, but I'm super ok with it.

This plan peaks at only 30 miles per week and has me running 5 days a week. Definitely easier than the last plan I did that peaked at 43ish miles per week and had me running 6 days a week.

The other wrinkle in my training is that I am training almost exclusively on trails and treadmill. Trails most of the time, with the treadmill as a backup in bad weather. My half marathon is a road race. So that will be an interesting experiment.

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