Sunday, December 31, 2017

Obligatory Year-End Post

I don't usually like year-end posts. I don't often read them, much less write them, but here I am writing one. Just wanted to catch up my blog in a few short paragraphs.

What I got done this year:

  • 5K PR on New Year's Day 2017
  • Marathon PR in March
  • 10K PR in July
  • Half Marathon PR in October
Kinda hard to beat that year!

I did my first Hansons Marathon Method (HMM) training program. I did the Beginner's Program for the half marathon that I PRed.

I ran a lot for me. 1,037 miles. 246 hours.

After my half marathon PR, I took some time off running and moved to a new house 160 miles away from my old place. I started back running, doing the HMM Beginner's Program for a spring marathon at Biltmore in Asheville, NC.

Then I got sick and between being sick and holidays, I missed 3 solid weeks of running. Doing the Asheville Marathon in the 6.5 hour time frame was a long shot with a good solid training program of 16-18 weeks. With 3 weeks down the tubes and my mojo for running at a 2-year low, I made the decision to skip the Asheville Marathon for 2018.

I'm going to try running for fun in 2018. I generally run when I have a goal race hanging over my head, so we'll see how the running for fun is. I do still want a few halfs on the schedule, but I likely won't get a full marathon. And I'm not really planning to go for a PR in 2018. 4 PRs in 2017 will keep me happy for awhile.

Me on an exploratory run this fall.

Due to the move, I have lots of new trails to check out and my trusty treadmill ready to keep me in shape anytime, cold or hot, dark or light. But specific distances and paces won't be as important. Just whatever I want to do as long as I'm not running too hard too much of the time. So we'll see how a more laid-back running schedule works for me. I will be signing up for the 2019 Asheville Marathon as soon as registration opens. :-)

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