Saturday, August 12, 2017

Half Marathon Training - Week 8

I missed my blog post last week. We were out of town and our internet was out all weekend to boot! So I'll only do a quick recap from week 8. Annoyingly, enough, the internet is being bad this weekend also!

Picture of the Week

I'm definitely a runner that takes pictures. I rarely regret taking a few moments out of my run to take pictures, but I have times where I wish I'd gotten that picture. I actually have one of those regrets from my recent 10k PR race. There was a beautiful scene of Nashville while running on one of the bridges and I didn't pause to take the picture because I was actively trying for a PR. But I did PR, so I'm torn about regretting missing that picture! :-)

Anyway, said all that to say, I have decided to add a Picture of the Week segment to my training blog posts. The idea is for it to be a training run picture, but who knows! It could be anything.

This week's is a picture I took on my Sunday morning run during my cool down. So blessed to have so much beauty around me!

Training Week 8 Recap

Sunday I did a run from the house on the road early in the morning. I usually don't like to run on our country roads, but Sunday AM is pretty quiet traffic wise, so I did an easy 5 miles. It was only 65 degrees and I was cold when I was in the shade. That's so crazy in late July!!

In the evening, I did my first strength training workout using a Hansons 6 week schedule. It's supposed to be 3 times a week for 6 weeks, but I'll be lucky to do 2 a week. Still, some is better than nothing!

Monday I did a 4 mile tempo run at River Park. I tried to not do the last mile faster than race pace, but I accidentally hit the lap button in the middle of my last mile and had to guess at how fast to do the last 3/4 mile to get that mile to come out alright. I guessed a little wrong and did the last mile at 11:34 instead of 11:49. The other 3 miles were spot on within a couple seconds.

Tuesday was an easy trail run for 6 miles. I've been struggling with my easy trail runs, but this was an ok run. Not a great run, but ok. I used my Camelbak vest with the back bladder full. I had to put my phone in one of the drawstring pockets because the full back bladder pulled the zipper pocket too far into my arm pit for my phone to comfortably fit there. I'll have to play with the straps to see if I can fix that.

Wednesday I went to Bowie Nature Park for my 10 mile long run. I nailed my average pace at 13:53/mi. I'm pleased that I can run that on a trail. I also did my second strength workout for the week.

Thursday I hit the treadmill for 5 miles. I originally thought this was a 6 mile run, so when I saw only 5, I was unreasonably excited about that. It was also nice to do an easy run not on trail. Turn treadmill and Hulu on, turn brain off, run. No worrying about terrain or twisting an ankle.

Friday Speed run day! I really like speed runs. They make me feel like a runner! This time was 5x1000 with 400 meter recovery jogs. I did a 1 mile warm up, the intervals, then 2 miles cool down jog. My interval pace is my 5k PR pace that I set this year of 10:50/mi. I did each of the first 4 intervals at 10:40/mi give or take and the last interval, I managed a 9:02/mi pace. Sometimes I think I underestimate how fast I can actually run, but I don't want any injuries, so I let myself run that last interval faster, but not the others. I got rained on in my last cool down mile, but it felt good, so I wasn't too concerned about getting more wet.

Week 8 Training Stats:

Number of Runs: 6
Number of Trail Runs: 2

Training Miles: 40 miles
Training Hours: 8 hours 59 minutes
Average Training Pace: 13:28/mi
Total Elevation: 1,759 feet

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