Thursday, March 2, 2017

2.5 Days Pre Marathon!

The weather for this year's Chattanooga Marathon is looking very much like the weather last year. High 30s for the start, warming into the low 60s by the finish.

I have tentatively picked out the clothes I will wear and have packed them. I also packed a pair of shorts and a pair of winter tights just in case the weather changes at the last minute. I have confirmed my hotel reservation. I have packed the gear and food I will use during the race.

Last year, I used an Amphipod hydration belt with a couple of water bottles. This year, I'm going with my trusty Nathan soft flask hand held and a FlipBelt with a zipper pocket for my phone. And, of course, I'll be running with my Forerunner 630 and Forerunner 620 watches.

Before I tweaked my ankle, I had a different race strategy. Now my strategy is to get through it. I'm going to approach it like any other long run, with a long run pace instead of my marathon pace. Walk the uphills. I'll be thrilled with a finish. A strong finish without having to only walk the last 2 miles would be even better.

I'm excited to see how it goes.

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