Thursday, February 23, 2017

Marathon Countdown - T - 10 Days

10 days until the Chattanooga marathon! And what does that mean exactly?? Time to obsessively monitor the long range forecast for Chattanooga, of course!

Right now, the forecast for Sunday, March 5, is Partly Cloudy with a high of 65°, low of 47° the night before. 20% chance of rain and a mild breeze. That would be wonderful!! Shorts and a T-shirt with sheddable arm sleeves and gloves for the start. I won't get too excited though. Those things change on an hourly basis, hence the obsessive monitoring that will occur between now and then!

On the ankle front, I have been doing PT exercises I learned when I broke my ankle in 2008. This seems to be helping; at least it's giving me something to do! I'm doing forearm strengthening exercises in the form of various bicep curls; one legged squats to keep my glute muscles strong and engaged; and deadlifts to help my hamstrings.

I don't plan to run again before the marathon. I might do some walking next week, but the risk of starting back too soon and reinjuring or further injuring my ankle tendon is high. I think it's higher than the conditioning I might retain by running.

So I'll go and see what happens.

Because I don't have any running pictures from this week, enjoy this picture of my injured horse, Tanna, reaching over his stall wall to steal a bite of hay from his hay net that I haven't hung in his stall yet.

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