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Marathon Training Week 14

5 weeks to go!!! Only 5 weeks until the Chattanooga Marathon! I'm excited and a little scared and so happy that I will be able to take a break from running SO much!

This week I came up with the most likely scenarios that could keep me from starting the marathon.

  • My husband or one of the "kids" (horses, dogs) could be hurt or sick enough for me not to go on a 2-night trip to Chattanooga.
  • I'm injured badly. (Pulled leg muscle, broken bone, whatever)
  • The weather. The temp in TN in early March can be anything from 9° to 75°F. The weather can be anything from gorgeous, clear and sunny, to dealing with the edges of a hurricane . Or tornadoes. Or a 12" snow storm (which will shut down the state for about 3 weeks).

Those are all pretty much out of my control, so I'll just hope none of it happens.

Now on to the training recap.

Sunday - Unplanned Rest Day

And I mean rest. I planned to get up early and run 12 miles because the forecast was calling for a lot of rain later in the day. Around 6 AM, I checked my phone and there was a big band of rain right over us, so I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep, expecting to wake up in an hour or so and check again. 4 HOURS later I woke up.

I was still really tired and didn't really feel 100%. I had a little bit of vertigo. Not enough to go back to bed, but enough that I was queasy and a little off balance when moving around. So I played on the computer all day and skipped my run completely.

Monday - 12 miles @ 13:29

After another good night's sleep, I was feeling better, so after work, I hopped on the treadmill to do a few miles and managed to do the entire 12 mile run I'd skipped on Sunday.

This was a new custom iFit workout that I'd programmed. Every mile went like this:

  • Run 1/4 mile @ 12:30 pace 0% incline.
  • Run 1/2 mile @ 10:00/mi negative 3% incline (downhill)
  • Walk 1/4 mile @ 21:26/mi (2.8 mph) 6% incline. This meant I climbed as much as I ran downhill. Just oddly shaped hills! 
Every mile clocked in within a second of 13:29, so it's a good workout to be able to pick the number of miles I do and still have my average come out correctly.

Running in the dark was a little disconcerting. I was afraid I'd fall off the treadmill because I couldn't see the belt! I probably should have turned the lights on in the room, but the light bulb puts a glare on my tablet that I use for reading blogs or watching TV while I run.

Tuesday - 4 miles @ 14:03

This was an easy run with run/walk intervals that got 10% longer with each interval. It's become my go-to 4 mile workout, especially when I just don't feel like running.

Wednesday - 4 miles @ 14:03

This was a repeat of Tuesday's workout. But it was a horrible run. My legs felt like big blocks of concrete and I couldn't wait for the workout to be done. I toyed with the idea of quitting at mile 2 or 3, but pushed on and made the entire 4. That's one of the really bad mental things about a treadmill. I could stop at any point.

Thursday - 12 miles @ 12:10 (12:44)

My cut through near the parking lot is still under water.

This was supposed to be a 10 mile tempo run at around 12:30 per mile. I had mapped out a nice 10 mile loop run from River Park, down almost to Smith Park and then back up Raintree Parkway and into the back of Crockett Park.

After Wednesday's horrible 4 mile "easy" run, I was really afraid I wasn't going to be able to do a 10 mile tempo run. I promised myself I could slow down after 6 miles and then finish the run with long run pace or easy paced miles. I could also cut the run down to 9 miles by just running back up the Greenway instead of doing the loop. Once I established my "outs" for a bad run, I started my run.

It was about 39°. Sunny and beautiful with a slight breeze.

I wore my lululemon Toasty Tech II winter tights, inknburn arm sleeves, purple charged wool half zip shirt, headband, light UA hat, silk glove liners and knit gloves. Took the knit gloves off around mile 3. But everything else stayed in place and zipped up for the entire run.

I ran down to the Primm Park bathroom just south of Moore's Lane and took a quick bathroom break. When I got just north of Smith Park, where I was to turn to go to Raintree Parkway, I decided I wanted to refill my water bottle so went ahead and ran to the Smith Park bathrooms. That decision added more than a mile to my run, but was a good decision. I figured I could just have an extra long cool down.

I took a gel just after leaving Smith Park and ran along Raintree Parkway until the Greenway ended at Crockett Road. I crossed Crockett Road and ran along Green Hill Blvd. I was supposed to turn left onto Glenview Drive, but I missed that turn because I thought it was too soon. I ended up turning left on Glen Ridge Drive. Both hook into Navajo Drive, so I wasn't lost. I just added about 3/4 mile to my run.

At this point, I was past 10 miles and figured I had a couple more to go. I was still running, though. I had stopped twice for bathroom breaks and had dropped to a walk briefly for a phone call and street crossings.

I ran to Chocktaw Trail and then onto Arrowhead Dr. There is a connector trail from Arrowhead Dr into Crockett Park, so I took that and ran straight through to the bathroom by the tennis courts for my 3rd and final break. I refilled my water bottle and took a long drink before heading out for my last mile and a quarter.

Quick picture at the finish of my run.

My mile paces were a little erratic. My first two miles were spot on, then I slowly sped up for the next 4 miles. My slowest mile was mile 8 which had a good long climb on it and I still managed to do that in 12:41. My last 4 miles were progressively faster with my final mile being run close to my 5k pace of 10:53! For me not thinking I could get through a 10 mile tempo run and then run the 12th mile at my 5k pace was pretty cool.

I did have 3 breaks during which I stopped my GPS. All 3 breaks totaled 6 minutes and 50 seconds. Without my breaks, my average pace was 12:10/mi. With breaks, the average was 12:44/mile. Definitely something I'll take.

Fuel: Ate grits, american cheese, "sausage" patty about an hour before starting. Ate 2 Clif shot bloks a mile in. I bit my lower lip while trying to eat them. Ugh. Not really sure when I ate the rest, but had the rest of the bloks 2 at a time. And ate a gel around mile 5. Doesn't seem like quite enough fuel, but I was able to rock out the last mile anyway.

Definitely pleased with this run.

Friday - 4 miles @ 14:03

This was another 4 miles on the treadmill. The ease-into-it workout that I did on my other easy days. This run wasn't nearly as bad as my Wednesday run. I just eased into it and got it done.

Athleta Be Free & Relay 2.0 Review

I've been looking for new running capris. I have a pair of lululemon Outrunner 17" capris, but I don't love them. They have big thigh pockets, which is one reason I bought them, but the pockets start low and anything with any weight actually ends up interfering with my knee! So I can only use those pockets for a key or something. There is also mesh on the legs of the lululemon capris. Which is fine, but between the mesh and the weird thigh pockets, multiple seams end up coming together just behind my knee and I've been rubbed pretty bad there if I forget to put on lots of Body Glide. I really like all the waist band pockets. While I'll keep these capris, they're really better suited to shorter runs when I don't need to carry much with me.

Having said all that, I ordered 4 items from Athleta. I've never tried any of their stuff before, but Jennifer over at Dashing in Style has done some reviews on some of their stuff, so I went looking to see what I could find.

My nearest Athleta store is about an hour away, so I ordered online. I specifically wanted a zipper pocket in the back on the waistband and thigh pockets. I found 4 things to try. I realize now I probably should have taken pics when I tried them on, but I was home alone and didn't think about it.

I ordered a Dapple Be Free Knicker in Deep Indigo, Size Small. They were gorgeous! I loved the style. The color was dark, but not black. Muted, but pretty with black panels down the sides of the legs. The fabric was heavy and the length was just below the knee. I liked the feel of them and the way they fit me. Unfortunately, the zippered back pocket was small. I could force my 2015 Moto X Pure/Style phone into it, but it wasn't easy and the pocket really wasn't big enough for that. The thigh pockets are too short for my phone to stand up in and it looked very odd for me to put the phone in sideways. I seriously considered keeping these because I liked them so much other than the pocket configuration. But pockets are a big deal to me. So back they go.

I also got Be Free Shorts in Small and Dot Be Free Tight in Medium Petite. I liked the shorts a lot. They came down far enough on my thighs to avoid rubbing issues, but were flattering and comfortable. The tights were just to see the difference in sizing in case size small had turned out to not be flattering on me. The medium was definitely too loose on me, but I did like the petite length. Both the shorts and the tights had the same pocket configuration as the Knickers, so those got packed up to send back.

The last pair I had was a pair of Small Petite black Relay 2.0 Capris. After the disappointment of the pockets on the Be Free line, I wasn't hopeful. but I pulled them on and slid my phone easily into the zipper pocket! Yay! The pocket was bigger! I slid my hands into the thigh pockets and they were bigger also! But not so weirdly placed as the lululemon capris I have. These were also flattering on me. Of course, with the thigh pockets loaded with fuel, I look like a weird squirrel getting ready for winter, but that's true of any of the tights with thigh pockets.

So all the Be Free stuff is going back, but I kept the Relay 2.0 capris. I wore them on my 4 mile run on Friday with my phone in the back pocket and enough fuel for an 18 mile training run in the thigh pockets. Until I sweated up a bit, the loaded capris wanted to slide off, but I cinched up the drawstring tight enough to catch on my hips so that helped a lot. I can't wait to go run a longer run in these!

The only complaint I have is these capris, even in the petite size, are pretty long on me. I would have preferred a little shorter, but I've got a very short inseam, so that's not really anybody's fault.

Weekly Stats

Training mileage: 36 miles
Training time: 7 hours 57 minutes

Total Mileage*: 38.75 miles
Total Time*: 8 hours 56 minutes
Elevation Gain:  1,497 ft

* includes warm-up and cool-down

What's Next

I've only got 2 long runs left before the marathon. The weather is again iffy for tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be on the treadmill or outside. I'll run 5 or 6 days this week.

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