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Marathon Training Week 9 - Where Training Finally Begins

So up till now, I've felt pretty good about my workouts and mileage with the small exception of some imbalance in my muscle development. I was thinking just last week how I couldn't believe I'd been training for 8 weeks already. And now, in the middle of this week, I just got bogged down and training has caught up with me. Or maybe it's just 2 40 mile weeks in a row.

Sunday - 16.1 miles @ 13:33

Workout #1

On the treadmill. On. The. Treadmill. Ugh. I chose this because it was about 30° outside and because it rained the day before, there was the possibility of ice on roads and trails. While I did drive out to see my horse, I decided I didn't want to go running outside. So I decided to do a 10 mile run on the treadmill.

I did do the 10 mile run on the treadmill. I used a custom iFit program for this. Run for 0.40 - 0.45 mile at 12:30/mi. Walk the balance of the 1/2 mile segment. As an added twist, I programmed the incline to adjust to -3% (that's as low as my treadmill will go) at the 0.25 mile mark of each mile and back up to 0% at the 0.75 mile mark. So there was either an incline or speed change at least every 1/4 mile. Just to keep things a little interesting for my brain, but also to adjust things for my body.

Workout #2

Round about mile 8.5 of the 10, I began to contemplate the idea of finishing out my entire scheduled 16 miler on the treadmill. So when the 10 mile program finished, I punched in a goal pace run, having the pace set to 12:30/mi. Every 3 minutes or so, I adjusted the speed down to a walk for 30-45 seconds before allowing the treadmill to resume a 12:30/mi pace. I kept an eye on the overall average pace (which is why I chose the goal pace option) to keep it at 13:29/mi, which is my long run pace. I left the incline at 0% for this segment. For some reason, the program gave me an extra 0.1 mile even though I programmed it for 6 miles.

I ate breakfast about an hour before running and took 6 shot bloks and 2 gels during the run, eating approximately every 35 minutes.

I wore my RaceReady capris, which was a mistake in 2 ways. 1) They were too warm. It was 59° in my treadmill room and I should have worn shorts. 2) They have diamond shaped seams in the crotch and I got rubs. 'Nough said about that, but I'm not wearing those on long runs again!


Tanna before surgery. He wasn't allowed to eat so the muzzle ensured that.

This was a 6 day run week. I was supposed to run 4 easy miles on Monday. But Tanna had surgery on his knee and I never had a good enough chunk of time that I felt I could get a run in and it was late by the time I finally went home. I wasn't too worried about it, though.

Tuesday - 6.1 miles @ 12:23

Another treadmill run. I didn't want to just set the treadmill to 12:30/mi and pound away the miles. So I used the Pace Goal program again. I set it to 12:30/mi and ran that for about 1/2 mile. Then I bumped it up to a faster pace anywhere between 10:55/mi - 12:00/mi and ran that for 0.3 miles and then slowed to around 13:03/mi for the balance of the mile. Worked pretty well to keep me interested. Again, the program went to 6.1, so I got a little extra and bumped my overall average pace down a few seconds.

Wednesday - 8 miles @ 13:53

On Tuesday evening, when I went to feed my other horses, I was messing with one of them and busted my left shoulder. It hurt a lot overnight. It got a little better with rest and ibuprofen, so decided to try running and see how far I got. So treadmill...again. That way I could quit if my shoulder wasn't up to it.

The first 1/2 mile was uncomfortable while I warmed up, but then I was able to run ok, just with a very slightly shortened arm swing on the left side. By 5.5 miles, I was able to swing my arm normally.

This was custom iFit program that I made. Run at 13:03/mi for 0.45 miles, walk the balance of the 1/2 mile. I had the incline adjust to 0.5% at the 0.25 mile mark of each mile and to -2% at 0.75. I like incorporating the incline changes.

I was only scheduled for a 5 mile run, but ran 8 to help make up the mileage I missed on Monday.

Thursday - 5.5 miles - Hill Run

During my cool down, Kelsey decided to hop on with me! But she decided she didn't like it and hopped off again.

I did not want to run. I didn't want to drive out for my hill run and there was increased traffic on my normal hill workout outside. I played with skipping this workout altogether or at the very least doing an easy run instead.

But what I ended up doing was creating a custom map-based workout on iFit to actually do my regular hill run, but on the treadmill. My treadmill goes up to 15% incline and down to -3%, so it can approximate some hills fairly well.

This workout was HARD! It was harder than doing my outside workout and not just mentally. Physically it was hard. I don't think it got the incline % right for some of it. It was just too steep in some places. I've run that route a lot and it's just not that hard or that steep. I did get an extra 300 feet of climb, so it was harder. I didn't run any of the uphill, just walked it all, but in some places it was steep enough that I had to walk slower than 20:00/mi. And the 3% downhill was nice and I ran that at 10:55/mi, but I get better downhills in real life. So overall this was harder on the treadmill than in person.

Friday - 6 miles @ 13:53

Finally, a run outside!!!! Whoo-hoo!! I stopped in to see Tanna and headed across the street to run the park loop for 6 easy miles. There's some mild elevation on each loop (9/10 of a mile long), so I made sure to walk those since I'm still babying my leg while I figure out my muscle imbalances. I ran the loop counter-clockwise 4 times and then paused at my truck to grab a drink since I'd left my handheld at home. Then I ran the loop clockwise to finish out my mileage.

I wore a couple of pieces of clothing I'd never worn running before. One was a pair of horseback riding tights I got for winter riding, Kerrits Powerstretch Fall Tight. They are nice and soft and have a zipper thigh pocket and belt loops. I think the thigh pocket is a bit too deep for me and I really wish it had 2 pockets instead. But since it has belt loops it'd be easy to add a spibelt or something to hold more fuel. Sizing-wise, I think I'd like a size smaller for running. The size medium is great for riding, but maybe a tad too loose for running. The knee patches are a weird look for a runner! Wish I could get them without knee patches.

It was about 44° ("feels like" 38°) with a breeze while I was running. Half the loop was in the shade, half in the sun, which came out half the time.

My legs were super hot within a mile! These would probably be great for colder weather though. At least 35 or lower. I'll have to see if I want to try them again. My lululemon Toasty Tech II tights sometimes can't hold up in sub 30° weather with a breeze.

The other thing I wore was an Under Armour Threadborne Run True half-zip. This was a great shirt. I was a little cool for a couple miles, but after warming up good, it was nice. The arms are tighter than my UA charged wool 1/2 zips, so I can't really push the sleeves up very far. This shirt is appropriate for weather cold enough that I won't need/want my forearms exposed for heat dissipation. I have worn it horseback riding and absolutely love it as a base layer for that. It also has a nice drop so helps cover my rear or just keep it warm, although, paired with the tights, that wasn't needed for this outing!

Weekly Stats

Training mileage: 41.7 miles
Training time: 9 hours 44 minutes

Total Mileage*: 44.25 miles
Total Time*: 10 hours 40 minutes
Elevation Gain:  1,704 ft

* includes warm-up and cool-down

What's Next?

I think I'm going to take a break and step back my miles a bit. Not do another 40 mile week this week. Even though I missed a day and ran 5 days instead of 6, I still got 2 more miles than scheduled for the week. So I'm going to go back to running 4 days this week and drop my long run back to a medium distance run.

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