Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marathon Training Started This Week

I needed a picture for this post. So here's a picture of my 8 yo, 3.5 lb Chihuahua, Gizmo!

With my successful Iron Horse Half Marathon training, I laid down a good base for my marathon running. Now it's time to continue that trend. I am aiming to do the 2017 Chattanooga Marathon in March.

For the half marathon training, I started off by running 3 days a week, then 4, then 5 and back to 3. I decided to do that for marathon training as well, but bump it up a day. So my marathon training will be in mini-cycles of 3 weeks each. The first week will be running 4 days a week, the next 5, the last 6, then back to 4 again, etc. I will start that for the first 2 cycles and see how it goes.

Every week will include a long run, a tempo run (marathon-paced) and a hill workout. The balance will be easy paced runs. I will continue to bump up the distance I run for these workouts as I feel comfortable with each distance.

I've toyed greatly with the paces I should run for these runs, but I've decided to continue running the paces I ran for my half marathon training. Long runs at 13:29/mi, tempo runs at 12:36/mi and easy runs at 13:54/mi.

To satisfy my need for speed, I will use my hill workouts. I also plan to do some negative split runs during my long runs and tempo runs and maybe run some of my long run miles at tempo pace.

I do have an entire schedule planned out from here to the marathon date, but I will be flexible with my mileage bumps to keep me moving forward. I adjusted my half marathon schedule several times during the training cycle and that turned out well, so I'm just going to keep applying the same principles to the marathon schedule and see how it goes.

I already feel that I'm way ahead of the curve for this marathon training schedule than I was for my first marathon. I'd probably hurt like all get out, but I feel I could probably go do a marathon now, even though it wouldn't be pretty. So the extra 18 weeks of training can only help me, right?? :-)

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