Monday, September 12, 2016

Half Marathon Training - Week 10

What a crazy week! I was scheduled for 4 runs this week, but I only managed 3 since we were on vacation in the mountains. I did walk a LOT, but I won't count any of that here. ;)

Monday - 10k + 5k @ 12:04

5k start

This Monday run was Labor Day, so I went to do the Franklin Classic. This is the 3rd or 4th year I've done this race and I really enjoy it. Since the 5k starts 90 minutes after the 10k, I get to run both races.

I waffled a lot on my strategy for this race, since it was a race, but also "just another long run" as part of my half marathon training. I finally settled for "run as much as possible" while giving myself the option to walk if needed.

I ended up running both races except for walking through the water stations. There were 6 (!) stations on the 10k and 3 (!) on the 5k, so I got a walking break about every mile.

I managed a 11:57/mi pace on the 10k and a 12:19/mi pace on the 5k. Neither one of those was good enough for a PR at those distances, but they were both PRs for that course. During the 10k, I spent almost the entire run chanting "slower, slower" to myself and I think that enabled me to still run well in the 5k, although admittedly, I wish the 5k had been a little faster. Still very solid performances and I'm happy with both races.

My hill training on Fridays seems to be yielding results as I was able to run even on the hills and the "hills" weren't nearly as scary as they were last year.

Wednesday - 3.5 miles @ 13:55

There are some cool rocks out there.

We went to Big South Fork to help out at an endurance ride on Tuesday and were there for the rest of the week. Wednesday afternoon, late, I managed to squeeze in a 3.5 mile run, even though I was scheduled for a 5 mile run. It was a trail run and some parts were sandy, so it was tougher than my usual recovery runs, but I managed to keep to my recovery pace. It was about 90°, but the humidity wasn't too bad.

Thursday - 10 miles @ 19:06

Sign at a trail head explaining the trail marking system.

Thursday afternoon, I found I was done with my endurance ride volunteer duties for the day, so I went for a trail run to get GPS tracks for my husband so he could put more trails on Google Maps. I originally planned a 5 mile run, but the route he wanted would take me about 8. I was ok with that.

Some of the trail was really rocky and steep, so it was sort of a hiking run. I ran where I could and hiked when I couldn't.

I missed one of the trails that Daniel wanted me to get, so I ended up running 10 miles instead of 8. I got a message to him through my inReach satellite communicator to come pick me up at another trail head so I didn't have to run back to camp and add another 3 miles to my run.

I used a single water bottle and refilled it from the creeks with my Sawyer Mini water filter. It was a lot nicer to carry the water filter than multiple bottles of water.

On one of the trails, I came very close to a black bear who was about 20 feet off the trail. I was running along watching my feet; you know how you do when you're trying not to trip and face plant. I glanced up and off to the side and there he was! I was so shocked to be so close to him. I saw him first (I guess I run with a light step??). Thoughts of what to do if he decided to come my way flitted through my mind when he glanced over his shoulder and freaked out when he saw me. He ran away very fast. No pictures, but that's the closest I've ever been to a bear!

I was supposed to run again on Friday, but there was an endurance race going on, so I volunteered all day and never got the chance. I suppose I could have snuck away for a run, but I didn't and I didn't really feel the need since I got as many miles as I had originally planned anyway.

I spent a lot of time on horseback marking trail. This is my 13 year old endurance mare, Sasha.

Weekly Totals

Training mileage: 22.99 miles
Training time: 5 hours 54 minutes

Total Mileage*: 24.24 miles
Total Time*: 6 hours 21 minutes
Elevation Gain: 1,785 ft

* includes warm-up and cool-down

Coming Up

This upcoming week is a 5-run week, so I'll be running every day. 5 days in a row doesn't really scare me anymore. :)


  1. Aw, your horse is so pretty! The trail you ran on is also very pretty! An ultrarunning friend of mine said it's very common for people to hike hills and run the parts of the trails they can on trail runs. That sounds good to me! And nice job on your back-to-back races!

    1. Thanks for the compliment for my horse. I'm quite fond of her! :) I love trail running, but it beats my paces down so bad. But I don't care most of the time. Trails, whether on foot or on horseback make me happy. :)


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