Saturday, August 20, 2016

Half Marathon Training - Week 7 - Technical difficulties!

After some not so good runs last week, I had a great week this week. This was a 3-day week.

Monday - 4 miles @ 12:33

After my run

My steady pace run day. Target 12:36. Back to River Park this week for my run to Moores Lane and back. I forgot to bring any specific running fuel with me again, but I ate a good lunch of falafels, pita bread, hummus and salad and apparently that was enough.

It was warm at around 92° and 60% humidity. I carried a plastic water bottle, having forgot my handheld also. At least I had my heart rate monitor. I leave my shoes in the car and if push came to shove, I could run in my work shoes since my work shoes are the same brand and model as my favorite running shoes.

This was not an easy run, but it was a good run. I know I ran 4 miles, at least. I think I ran an extra tenth due to where I started and where I ended up when my watch beeped for the 4th mile. My Garmin Forerunner 630 messed up on me, as evidenced by no trackpoints when I got home and looked at the uploaded data.

My supposed splits were 12:37, 12:34, 12:28 and 12:33. Which is really good for me. It's entirely possible that those are my splits. I felt pretty good about the run and overall, I know I did at least 4 miles and I know how long I was running. So it's entirely possible that is real. But since my watch messed up, I don't entirely trust that data.

Because of starting my cool down later than I usually would, I didn't walk enough before stopping to stretch and ended up with a little bit of an upset stomach. The water left in my water bottle was also warm, which is enough to gag me anyway.

But no real issues from this run. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't completely out of reach either. A good run overall. Just the geek in me wanted the DATA!

Wednesday - 6.75 miles @ 13:09

Before the run. Love my inknburn rose shirt!!

Tuesday was an off day and I worked all day. Didn't even get a chance to ride a horse.

But Wednesday was my long run day. Due to my struggles with my 7.5 mile run last week, I decided to keep at the 7 mile distance this week.

Long runs are run at 12:30/mi for 4 minutes, 15 seconds. Walk for 1 minute. This should give me about a 13:29/mi average pace.

The weather was great. High 70s. Of course it was humid, but it's always humid.

Due to my Forerunner 630 going nuts on Monday, I began running with my Forerunner 620 again. 630 on my left wrist, 620 on my right.

Very little elevation on this run. Last week, I was at River Park for my long run and had more elevation to contend with.

I use my Forerunner 630 to give me pace alerts to try to keep me close to my pace. Since I was doing run/walk, I just set a fast pace alert of 12:15/mi so I wouldn't go too fast and burn myself out. Usually this works well, but this time, I was getting alerts of going faster than 10:00/mi (I wish) when I was cruising along around 12:40/mi. It got ridiculous and I finally shut off the pace alarm and ignored my 630 for pace purposes.

The 620 has a much longer smoothing algorithm, so it takes it a bit to catch up when changing pace from walking to running and back, but it was good enough to keep me paced by glancing at it when I felt I had sped up or slowed down.

I already said I was scheduled for a 7 mile run. Somehow I got confused when my watch beeped the 6th mile, I thought it was the 7th mile and was too far from my truck to just walk in. So I kept running another 3/4 of a mile. I thought that meant I was at 7.75 miles for this run, but in reality, I stopped a 1/4 mile too early.

Besides the equipment malfunction and stopping short, it was a very good run. I think the weather helped quite a bit. I could have easily done another mile and a quarter. I fueled for this run by eating 80 calories of mostly protein 45 minutes before starting, a gel during my warm up and another gel at the turn around point. I also drank about 30 oz of water during this run.

Mile 4 was too fast at 13:06 and Mile 6 again, too fast at 12:17 and the last 3/4 mile at 12:21/mi. These speedy segments made me a little too fast overall at 13:09, but I'm not too concerned, especially since the 12:17 and 12:21 were the last 2 splits and I was running ok through them without pegging my HR too high.

Overall, very pleased with this run and ready to bump up my mileage for the long run.

Thursday - 2 miles @ 13:03 - Bonus Workout

Due to cutting short my run on Wednesday, I decided to throw in an easy treadmill workout. This was a steady pace run at 13:03/mi for 2 miles.

My Forerunner 630 usually tracks my treadmill workouts really well (recording 1.01 or 1.02 for a 1 mile split), but it updated to software version 5.4 immediately before my run and was wildly inaccurate, recording 1.44 and 1.47 for my splits.

One of the updates that came in 5.4 was to fix issues with instant pace (which I saw on Wednesday) and consequently, that wiped out the memory my 630 had of my pace habits so could not longer accurately predict my indoor running pace. It'll relearn that as I run outside over the next several runs.

Hill Friday - 4 miles

Me ready for my run. UA shorts and very visible Franklin Classic shirt. FlipBelt under my shirt to hold my phone.

What a great workout! Did that spoil the suspense?? I don't care, it was the best hill workout I've had this training cycle.

I got up, did a couple chores and then out the door for my run. I grabbed a half ounce of dark chocolate covered dried cherries and my handheld water bottle and off I went.

The weather was perfect. 75° and cloudy, about to rain, so super high humidity. I thought I might get rained on, but only a few sprinkles.

I love getting these shots.

This week, I decided to extend my uphill jog interval to 30 seconds and my walking interval to 90 seconds. Still the same ratio of jog to walk, but twice as long. I started that immediately with the first hill and did it on all 3 hill climbs. I didn't monitor my pace at all, simply ran where I felt comfortable controlling my breathing.

The downhill jogs I ran at a very comfortable pace, about 11:00/mi with my heart rate running in the 130s. Amazing!

This workout ended up being the easiest and the fastest hill workout I've done for this training cycle. Super stoked about my running and it's great to see some fitness gains.

Weekly Totals

Training mileage: 16.75 miles
Training time: 3 hours 42 minutes

Total Mileage*: 18.75 miles
Total Time*: 4 hours 24 minutes
Elevation Gain: 861 ft

* includes warm-up and cool-down

Coming up

This week is a 4-run week, which usually means a couple easy treadmill workouts, a steady pace run and a hill run. But due to some vacation time coming up, I'm going to still run 4 runs, but they'll be a little different in composition and timing. Totally looking forward to this week's runs!

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