Monday, July 4, 2016

New Training Cycle Begins..Today!

This weekend, I signed up for the Iron Horse Half Marathon in October in Midway, KY. It's a good 4 hour drive for me, so I have a hotel room for the night before and then I'll drive home after I'm done.

This half is 15 weeks away, so time for me to start training.

I haven't been running a lot since my marathon back in March. I switched gears to focus on my horses since I do endurance horseback riding as well. (That hasn't gone so smoothly for me...) I also don't run a lot if I don't have an event on the calendar to motivate me to run. I've been running at most once a week for the last several weeks. Time to change that.

The IHHM has a time limit of 3 hours 4 minutes for completion. This should be well within my [trained] capabilities, but it's tight enough (my PR is 2:39:48 on a flat course) that this should keep me training faithfully, even if it means treadmill time.

During the last couple of weeks before my marathon, I picked up the Hansons Marathon Method book and read that. They advocate running a lot more miles in training than I did for my marathon.

I'm not ready for that. When you run 7 minute miles, the time commitment is a lot less than when you run 13-14 minute miles.

However, I'm willing to admit that I didn't train enough miles for my marathon. I don't even care that it took me 6 hours and 15 minutes to do it. What bugs me most is that I hit the wall and had to completely walk the last couple miles and the 2-3 miles before I gave up were not pretty.

So, I'm going to try doing more miles than I did in my marathon training cycle (but adjusted down to the half distance), but not nearly as many as the Hansons method suggests.

I'm going to start with running 3 days this week. Then I'll bump to 4 days next week, then 5 days the next week. Then I'll cycle back to 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, etc. I'll still do a long run and a tempo run each week. The other days will be easy miles. I'll progressively bump up my distance during the cycle, but likely won't do much about trying to speed up. I'm not worried about going fast. I want to go steady, like I can keep running all day long.

And I probably should look at what I eat a bit more. For me, there's a fine line between eating too much and feeling gross and not eating enough. I need to try to push that.

So while this training cycle is for the IHHM, I'm really trying out a different training strategy to see if I want to extend that into marathon training or try something completely different for my next cycle.

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