Sunday, July 31, 2016

Half Marathon Training - Week 4 in Review

This week was a short week with only 3 runs. After last week's 5 runs, this should have felt like a breeze, but I managed to be fairly tired by the end of my 3rd run anyway!

Monday - 3 miles @ 12:30

Cloud cover at River Park

My steady pace run day. 3 miles again. Soon that will bump up in mileage. I again went to River Park. Maybe I should vary it up a bit, but for now I like having the same route to compare to.

It was warm and humid, but overcast and breezy. I thought I might get rained on, but I never did. I was able to control my pace and my heart rate during this run! Yay! I ran the entire 3 miles and did 12:33, 12:24 and 12:33 splits. I would have preferred the second mile a little slower, but very happy with my run.

I managed to keep my heart rate well under control. When I glanced at my HR around 2.5 miles I was surprised to see it hanging in the high 150s. I have been struggling to keep it under 170 during these runs and here I wasn't even hitting 160 while still hitting my pace goal. Awesome!

Wednesday - 6.45 trail miles

Wednesday afternoon, my work had an outing at the Nashville Sounds game against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. (Sounds won 2-0, yay!). After the game, I headed to Percy Warner Park to run trails.

Me before the run.

I was planning 6 miles, but that stretched into 6.45 miles. My long run is supposed to be run at 13:29, but there's no way I can run that on a trail, and definitely not this trail. I started at the Nature Center and took the connector trail to Mossy Ridge (the red trail) and did the loop before heading back to my truck along the connector trail.

One of the tough downhills. This picture just doesn't show how steep this is!

I have spent many hours on the horse trails at Percy Warner Park, but only occasionally make the opportunity to run the pedestrian trails. It was fun to think of all the times I've been on the other trail when they connected or went parallel to each other.

This trail was tough for me and I was only able to turn in a pace of 17:03. It was hot and very humid. I ate 25% of a picky bar before I started out, 50% of what was left at 3 miles and the rest at 4.5 miles. I didn't have any of my running water bottles with me, so I carried a 16 oz plastic bottle. I rationed out the water evenly over my run, but would have liked to have had more. When I got back to the Nature Center, I filled up and drank during my cool-down and poured some of the water over my head. What a run.

Awesome water bottle filler at the Nature Center!

Friday - Hills - 3.3 miles

Misty view from the hill.

Since I did Percy Warner Park on Wednesday (which had a good bit of elevation to it), I honestly thought about turning Hill Friday into an easy day on the treadmill, but I decided that a 3 day run week was not the time to wimp out. Besides, my hill workout on pavement is probably very beneficial to me since the Iron Horse Half Marathon will be a street race with some hills on it.

So I headed to my nearby hill and repeated my hill workout. This time, I pushed myself and jogged 10 seconds, walked 50 seconds up the hills. All the hills. And jogged the downhills. Again, a hot and humid day, so lots of sweat involved. But a good solid effort and interestingly enough, the time went pretty fast when I was watching for the time to jog up the hills.

This day I wore a brand new pair of Altra Intuition 3s that I got on sale since they're last year's model. My favorite street shoe is the original Altra Torin. I have several pairs of those, but they're wearing out and I can't get them anymore. Boo! So I decided to try the Intuition 3s. They're not as cushioned as my Torins and they don't seem as deep. My right heel especially kept slipping out of my shoe on the uphill jogs. I'm going to have to play with my lacing to see if I can fix that, but these may be shunted off to be treadmill shoes.

Weekly Totals

I have started using combined with the SportTracks 3.1 desktop application. I have the website automatically grabbing my workouts from Garmin Connect and the desktop app grabs the workouts from the SportTracks website, so it's fairly effortless to get going. It's a paid site. $60/year with a price freeze guarantee and a fully free 45-day trial. I'm still in my trial period. But you can try it out without providing any payment information or credit card info. I've owned SportTracks 3.1 for many years.

Anyhow, now I can provide weekly totals minus my warm-up and cool down, so I'll start adding those numbers.

Training mileage: 12.77 miles
Training time: 3 hours 14 minutes

Total Mileage*: 14.02 miles
Total Time*: 3 hours 42 minutes
Elevation Gain: 1,691 ft

* includes warm-up and cool-down

Coming Up

4 runs scheduled for this week, but 2 of them are easy runs and no long run this week, so looking forward to a great week!


  1. Oh what is your Garmin Connect? I'm on week 2 of marathon training and I'd love to connect!

    Sabrhund is my Garmin

    This is Jessica, the endurance photographer from Unbridled Imagery btw

  2. Hi, Jessica. I sent you a connection request on Garmin Connect!