Sunday, July 17, 2016

Half Marathon Training - Week 2 Review

Training for my Iron Horse Half Marathon continued with a 4 day schedule. I double checked my training logs and the last time I ran 4 days in a single week was October 2014 in training for my first half. 3 days of 2 mile easy runs followed by a 14 mile trail run on day 4. So this is definitely a new thing for me.

Monday - 3 miles @ 12:33

I started my week with a great run at River Park. My planned run was a steady pace run at a 12:36 pace. It was warm, but overcast and not overly hot. A surprise for an afternoon run.

I had trouble keeping a steady pace and my pace wobbled all over. Mostly too fast. I couldn't control my pace enough and had to walk about a minute each mile to get my average pace back down. I ended up with an overall average pace of 12:33.

I'm trying to work more in my lower heart rate zones and stay out of my highest zone (5). I did well at that, but my average heart rate did go up with each mile I ran. 156, 162, 166. These are within my zone 4, but looks like another mile would have put me squarely zone 5.

Tuesday - 4 miles @ 14:53

By the end of my run on Monday, I knew I was sick. My throat was sore and my head throbbed. Sure enough, by mid-morning Tuesday, I was in a full blown head cold. But I had a run scheduled and I didn't want to be derailed this early in my training if I could get away with it.

So I headed to my handy treadmill for an easy 4 miles. One distinct advantage to the treadmill is I can control my pace there. I set up an iFit workout to have me jog for 2 minutes 45 seconds at a 13:03 pace and walk for a minute and a half. Repeat that to get 4 miles and then a walking cool down. All I had to do was select the workout, press play on the Hulu app on my tablet and get the miles done.

On the horse front, I had great news from my vet that cleared one of my horses for light riding and the other would be ready for light riding in a couple weeks! Yay!

Thursday - 4 miles @ 13:42

Still sick on Thursday, I decided the treadmill worked so well on Tuesday, I'd give that a go. So I set up another iFit workout for 4.5 minutes jogging at a 13:03 pace and walk for 1 minute to get my 4 miles in. My target pace was 13:54, so somewhere my math was off to come in at 13:42. Oh, well, it worked out ok.

Hill Friday

I look way better in this pic than I actually felt.

Due to being sick and already having run 3 days and getting to ride my horses more this week, I went into hill work with less than a joyful attitude. But it was my last workout of the week and I headed out in the heat of the day to get it done.

Still being sick and a little tired, I just chose to do the same hill workout I did last week. 3.3 miles and 630 foot elevation gain.

This time I did a few jogs up the first hill. 10 seconds jog, 1 minute walk. I didn't feel like doing that for the rest of the hills, so didn't, but when I feel stronger or want more of a challenge, I think that will be a great way to slowly build back to running up hill again.


Training mileage: 14.34 miles
Mileage*: 16.12 miles
Time*: 3 hours 59 minutes
Elevation Gain: 652 ft

* includes warm-up and cool-down

Coming up

I'm pretty pleased that I was able to finish 4 days of running this week, even while sick. Course, they were mostly easy  miles, so that helps.

Next week comes another challenge. 5 days of running!

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