Monday, April 18, 2016

Smith Park

I went to run at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park in Brentwood, TN. This is a nice little park with gravel and dirt trails that is connected to River and Crockett Parks by a nice paved greenway. Smith Park opened in late 2014 and at the time, the trails were restricted to hikers only.

However, through diligent effort, that decision was reversed and in April 2015, the trails were opened to runners as well.

The route I took hit every part of the trail and netted me about 775 feet of climb and some parts were quite steep, so it was really a hike with some running between the steeper hills.

I had not realized that the runner ban had been lifted. I originally planned to just hike the trails, but was happy to find out I could run them. I ended up with 5.6 miles with an average pace of 16:16. Not speedy, but I was happy enough with this.

Since these trails are connected to River and Crockett Parks, this opens up the possibilities for longer runs. If I just run River Park to Smith Park and run the trails almost the way I did today and then back to River Park, that's just about 13.5 miles. If I throw Crockett Park into the mix, I can get in 16 miles. About 18.5 if I run Crockett Park on the way out and back, but I suspect I wouldn't.

There are water fountains at River Park, Crockett Park and Smith Park, along with a small restroom and water fountain just south of Moore's Lane. So there would be plenty of places to either just get water or refill water bottles.

Trail pics!

This is at the entrance.

His and hers bathrooms with working water fountains. The bathrooms are roomy single occupancy with flush toilets and running water sink.

Me all ready to go in my Lululemon Speed Track Shorts with awesome pockets big enough for my phone!

Rules. No longer says no runners! Yay!

The trail was fairly well marked. There was only one intersection on the green trail that I felt a little off-balance, but I guessed right and it came out ok.

I saw 3 or 4 deer on trail.

They have trash cans and picnic tables and benches scattered around. It's a very nice park, even for people that need to mosey and then take a rest.

Absolutely beautiful day.

There were some good sections with rock. This was the rockiest trail, but not the steepest.

A beautiful view from the blue trail right before it joins up with the red trail or just after it left the red trail, depending on the direction one comes from!

I climbed a the steepest section of the trail to get up here and was looking forward to a nice view.

Alas, the beautiful leaves on the trees block any outward view there might be.

All in all, a great place to get some exercise and enjoy nature.

1825 Wilson Pike,
Brentwood, TN 37027

Trail Map

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  1. This is exactly the place I love to run in. And those shorts do look great on you! They looked completely different on me. I'd have kept them if I were you too!


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