Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gear Check - Part 3 - Clothes

I've been checking the Chattanooga forecast since this past weekend. Being Tennessee in March, the weather could be anything from snow to 75 degrees and anything in between.

Looks like we might get lucky. At the moment, the forecast looks great:

Looks like about 38 or 40 degrees for the start, warming up to near 60 by my projected finish time.

So I have tentatively picked out the clothes I will wear on Sunday.

RaceReady LD Capris - These will likely be a smidge too warm for the last hour or so of my run, but better than being too cold for several more hours earlier. And I suspect I'll be glad I have them after I cross the finish line as I'm not planning to leave a bag at the finish. I figure by the time I find out where they have my bag, I could have walked to my hotel instead.

Zooma half marathon shirt - this was the last half I did before deciding to sign up for a marathon. Plus, I like the color and the fit is pretty good without being clingy or too loose.

I will start with a skull cap. Since I'm wearing my RaceReady capris, I'll tuck the cap into the middle pocket when I'm ready to stop using it.

The gray things coming out of my shirt sleeves in the above photo are men's socks. I cut the toe out and they make great cheap arm warmers. I will wear them at the start. When I get warm enough to remove them, I can decide to either ditch them in the trash or just tuck them in between my body and my hydration belt.

I'll start with cheap knit gloves. When I get warm enough to not need them, I'll drop them at an aide station or a mile marker.

Socks - Balega Outdoor Moh-rino vtech enduro quarter socks. These are fairly new socks, but I have several runs on them and hope they'll do me well.

Shoes - my trusty Altra Torins. They have about 150 miles on them, so they're broke in, but should be just fine.

My extra clothes.

Of course, I can't be entirely sure what race day will bring, both in weather and feelings, so I'm taking several other options with me in case I change my mind. The extra clothes include 3 other short sleeve shorts, a long sleeve shirt, my Under Armour cold weather shirt, another pair of socks, a headband with ear flaps, my lululemon toasty tights, a size medium SkirtSports shorts/skirt and a size small SkirtSports shorts/skirt.

I think I will be prepared. I hope so anyway.

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