Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gear Check - Part 2 - Tech Gadgets

I've been accused of liking my tech gadgets. Guilty.

So my gear for the marathon will include some gadgets.

L-R: FR 630, FR 620, SanDisk Clip+

Garmin Forerunner 630

I bought this to help me train for the marathon. My previous favorite running watch was the 620, but I was worried that the shorter battery life of the 620 will not keep my watch going for my entire marathon since I won't be turning in any 4 hours for my finish time.

I will wear the heart rate monitor strap to help monitor my heart rate so I hopefully won't over-do it.

I will have 3 alerts set
Alert 1) My run/walk alarm. I have decided to do a 3 minute run/30 second walk interval. For my last half marathon, I did 4 minutes to 30 seconds and was able to maintain that for the entire run, barring the long hill I walked. Assuming I can maintain a 12:30/mile pace during my run sections, I should be hitting my mile splits somewhere around 13:15/mile. My plan is to drop to a 2 minute run/30 second walk interval when/if I can't maintain the 3 minutes.

Alert 2) My eat alarm. Every 15 minutes 36 seconds. This is an odd number so hopefully I won't have any of my alerts interfere with each other. If 2 alarms sound at the same time, I won't see one of them and I don't want to miss my alert to ingest calories.

Alert 3) My heart rate alarm. I will set this to 180. My max is somewhere around 194. I'm expecting to run around 170-174 for the entire run, but if it creeps up too high, I want to know about it.

I have several data screens set up, but my main one for the marathon will be only 2 fields. Heart rate on top and current pace on the bottom. I need to try to keep to a 12:30/mile pace while running, so I will be monitoring that closely.

My unit will auto lap every mile so I can monitor each mile split and analyze them after the run.

I have other units for my endurance horseback riding, but this is my favorite running watch.

Garmin Forerunner 620

I will also wear my 620. I will have this set up to show current lap pace, heart rate and current lap distance.

Nowhere do I want to see total mileage. I'm sure I'll see that just fine on the course mile markers.

My 620 will not handle any alerts. If the battery dies before the finish, I don't want to have it handling anything important.

SanDisk Clip+

This is my go-to running MP3 player. It contains all my running songs as well as a few extra things. I don't expect to listen to anything other than my running songs. I also don't plan on using it until I either get really pained, demotivated or really bored because I get into a pocket by myself with nothing else to amuse myself.

I use a cheap pair of earbuds and cut off one of the buds so it's only in one ear at any given time. I also wrap the cable so it's short enough to not get in the way when it's clipped on my sports bra strap.

The Clip+ is discontinued, so I'll have to find another good solution if this one dies.

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