Sunday, February 28, 2016

In One Week...

The Chattanooga Marathon is coming up fast. I have checked the long range forecast several times over the last 2 days and will likely continue to do that.

Last week I did a half marathon on Sunday as a dress rehearsal for the marathon, coming in at 2 hours 56 minutes for my first trail half. I was happy to be able to mostly maintain a 4 minute to 30 seconds run/walk cadence. I ran at a 12:30/mi pace when running. I did walk briskly up the one long hill around mile 4 or 5 instead of trying to run any of it.

I did a 3 mile easy pace run later in the week followed by a heavy weight workout.

This week, I'll put in a couple of easy 2 milers.

I have been getting plenty of sleep, but the last week, I have let life creep in and keep me awake later and later to where I am at a deficit on my sleep. This week I will focus on getting plenty of sleep so as not to go into the marathon with a deficit.

So with that thought...Good Night!

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