Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finally a good long run

My long run this week was not nearly as taxing as in weeks previous.

I ended up at the Harpeth River Greenway and ran 15 miles in 3 hours 16 minutes 30 seconds for an average pace of 13:06. My target pace was 13:03. That makes me very happy.

My splits were not the most even ever, but they were much more stable than they have been. My longest mile was 14:10, but that included a pit stop, so I'm happy enough with that mile. My next longest mile was 13:40 and my fastest split was 12:29. This was too fast. For some reason, I kept running closer to a 12:00/mi pace while running and it was very hard to dial it back.

I chose to do a run/walk, but this time, I decided to cut my walk portion back to 30 seconds and really walk slowly. For some reason, walking a 20:00/mi pace on the treadmill feels fast, but walking a 20:00/min pace outside feels excruciatingly slow. So I concentrated very much during each 30 second period to walk slowly and take advantage of the short downtime.

For my run portion, I targeted a 12:30/mi pace for 4 minutes. I watched my instant pace field on my Garmin 630 very closely and adjusted as needed, trying to concentrate how my legs felt doing the correct pace.

In my 15 mile run, I did some 40+ run/walk intervals. I felt pretty good for most of the run. My legs started feeling a bit heavier around mile 13 and I had to push harder to maintain my pace, which resulted in running that mile a little too fast as I adjusted to the new feeling of the target pace.

My heart rate for each mile crept up and up from 148 average during the first  mile until my last mile had an average HR of 175.

I'm still now sure how this marathon will go (in TWO WEEKS!!!!), but I am very happy to have a good long run under my belt. It was so so nice to get outside and run instead of logging more miles on treadmill! I logged over 60 miles on the treadmill over a 3 week period and that is more than enough to make me happy to be outside.

I am officially on my taper and looking forward to the marathon. I'm really hoping the weather will cooperate.

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