Sunday, January 24, 2016

Six weeks to go

Six weeks from today I should be running the Chattanooga Marathon. That's exciting and a bit scary. I'm doing ok on equipment (clothes, shoes, fuel belt) and fueling my long runs (breakfast, during, after).

I'm still way slower on my long runs than I think I should be. My PR half marathon pace is 12:12 and that was from October 2015. I think I should be able to maintain a 13:00 pace, but I certainly can't in my long runs. I'd even be happy (I think) with 14:00 miles, but alas, I have a hard time maintaining that for 20 miles and end up with around a 15:00 average for the entire run. At that rate, I will take 6.5 hours to do the marathon. The time limit is 7 hours.

I'm hoping the novelty of running in my hometown (even coming within a mile of the house I lived in for the first 9 years of my life!) in a first-run marathon will help motivate me and keep me on track as long as possible. I'm pretty scared of those last 6.2 miles.

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