Monday, December 28, 2015

Racing as Training

Getting excited for my long run on Thursday! I decided to run a half marathon. I'm running the Iron Horse Half that will be held on Fort Campbell. Technically, this was supposed to be a rest week, but I take license to move my workouts around as I see fit.

Because I'm "racing" and likely my effort will be higher than just a normal long run, I'm curtailing my runs this week to one light and easy run and the half. This is going to be a small race, which means I might just be the turtle this time. I just hope I don't keep everybody waiting too long.

This is the first race I've entered where the goal is just "another long run." I've used 5k and 10k races before as stepping stones to my half marathons, but this is a bit different mindset.

I really need to focus on eating more! I have been doing math on my electrolytes as well. I won't have time to change up much of anything before Thursday, so I'll probably go with Shot Bloks as my base fuel. Maybe do Stingers, maybe a Hammer gel. Maybe not. Still have a couple days to decide.

Hoping to finish strong in under 3 hours.

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