Thursday, December 24, 2015

Longest Run To Date

This morning, I was off work, so I headed to the beautiful town of Murfreesboro to run the Stones River Greenway.

I have done a 17 mile run/walk/hike on accident before. I thought I knew a short cut to turn a 10 mile run into a 12 mile run. I didn't. Anyway, this morning I had scheduled the longest intentional run I'd ever scheduled of 16 miles. My target pace was 13:17/mile.

The weather was gorgeous. Warm and sunny. Started at 60 degrees and ended around 74! No worries about my clothes! Just threw on a Skirt Sports Happy Girl skirt and my Zooma half marathon shirt.

Now I've gone back and forth about my Altra Paradigm 1.5 shoes because they give me blisters on the inside of my forefoot. So today, I wore my Altra Torin (the original!) shoes that I wore last year on my first half marathon. I also leave those shoes in my truck so I can get a run in after work during nice weather. I have another pair of Torins that I use on my treadmill. Another pair I use for horse back riding. ANOTHER pair I use for going to town. And yes, one more pair in reserve. Some women collect dress shoes. I collect running shoes.

I parked at one of the trailheads near the north end. I started out running to the north and back past my truck because for 16 miles, I needed to run the entire length of the trail, out and back. My initial run/walk ratio was 4:45 run to 1:30 walk.

The first thing that went wrong. I took the wrong trail. I should have turned right, but I turned left. That took me 1.2 miles to another trailhead. I ran around a little bit down there through this cute little village and then back to where I could have turned to get back on track. So that took me an extra 2.5 miles.

The next thing that went wrong.

Last night there were really bad storms in the area. Lots of rain, lots of lightning, even tornadoes. The Stones River Greenway (oddly enough) meanders along the banks of the Stones River. The river was high, but for several miles, all I saw was water coming up close to the trail and some debris and mud over the trail where it had overflowed and receded.

But about 10 miles into my run, I came on sections of the trail that were under water. I managed to get around one without getting my feet wet, but the next one, even though I tried to go around, I ended up getting my feet completely soaked. So when I came to the next expanse, I just stepped right in. The water came up over my calf muscle, but not quite to my knee. After a mile of wading and running between the pools, I was clear of the water and on dry ground again. With wet socks and shoes. I had not worn my drymax socks. On I went.

For awhile, my mile splits were pretty close, some a little faster, some a little slower, to my 13:17/mile pace. Some were a little slower than I normally would count as close to my pace, but explainable for me having to look at maps or try to figure out where I was. After 12 miles, my pace plummeted. I was no longer close to 13:17. 16:00/mile and slower!

My HR was the problem. I could not keep my pace and still keep my HR under 170. So I got slower and slower and adjusted my run/walk ratio to 4:30 run (shuffle) and 2:00 slow walk. If my HR didn't drop below 150 during the walk, I kept walking until it did. It was pretty depressing to see the mile splits during this time.

Because of my unintended detour, my watch chimed 19 miles as I reached the trailhead where my truck was parked. I figured I was that close, might as well do one more mile. So I did my shuffle/walk for 3/4 mile past the trailhead, then turned back, finished that mile and walked back to the truck. I stopped to stretch at one of the benches. Boy that felt good! I was sore in my hips and just tired all over.

5 hours (yikes!) to do 20 working miles. I always exclude warm-up/cool down from my reported mileage.

30 minutes before - 100 calorie cup Greek Yogurt

6 pieces (1 pack) - Clif Shot Bloks - Black Cherry (with caffeine) - 200 calories/42 carbs
10 pieces (1 pack) - Honey Stinger Chews - Pink Lemonade - 160 calories/39 carbs
1 package - Gu Roctane Energy Gel - Strawberry Kiwi -100 calories/21 carbs
50 oz water

Post (0 - 2 hours)
1.5 oz peanut m&ms
1 Strawberry Cereal Bar
1 banana
2 mozzarella cheese sticks
1 tablet Hammer Fizz Endurolytes in 16.9 oz water
More water

My food still isn't right. To be fair, I only took enough fuel for 16 miles and ended up doing 20. 460 calories/102 carbs. 92 calories per hour. 20 carbs per hour.

15:00/mile average is quite depressing. At that pace, it would take me over 6.5 hours to do the marathon. On the bright side, the Chattanooga Marathon has a time limit of 7 hours...

Another really bright side is that my Altra Torins worked beautifully. No blood blisters. Nothing bad. A little wear and tear, but even with going through water, nothing terrible. My Paradigms are no longer my long run shoes.

Sorry for no pictures. My phone took a header into a concrete floor and disabled itself. I'll have to get a new one.

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