Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pre-running the course

No, don't worry, I won't post every training run I do. :)

This morning, I rolled out of bed, pulled on my running clothes and went to run the first 4 miles of the Chattanooga Marathon course...on my treadmill.

I have a NordicTrack 1750 with built-in iFit support. I managed to snag a 50% membership for a year. One of it's major selling points (for me) is to be able to chart a course on Google Maps and then the treadmill will alter its incline to match (as closely as possible) the actual course. You can also see the street view while you're running. Kinda fun stuff!

Last night, in prep for my run this morning, I drew out the first 4 miles of the course, including a warm-up and cool down and then adjusted the speed to do an easy run/walk workout as I was scheduled for an easy run this morning.

One thing that bugs me about the iFit workouts is you can't go in and edit them after you create them. So if I wanted to alter the ratio of run/walk or increase the running speed for each run segment, I can't do that on that one workout. I have to go create a whole new workout.

iFit and my treadmill have the capability to show Google Street View, but I left the display on map only. I want to see the surroundings when I'm actually running the marathon next March. I plan to make other workouts with portions of the course to "run" on my treadmill over the coming weeks.

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