Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lesson from a half: Eat more, early and often

The half started at 8 AM. Finished in 2:39:48 (PR). Course was flat with only 2 sections with elevation. Course comparable to the full marathon course.

Ate before:
 2 hrs - 100 calorie greek yogurt
1-2 hrs - 1/3 mocha drink
1 hr - 1 no bake energy bite
15 minutes - clif shot blok with caffeine
16 oz water

Mile 4? - shot blok - 48 minutes in
Mile 6.5 - shot blok - 1:16  (30 minutes)
Mile 8.5 - shot blok - 1:41 (25 minutes)
Mile 10.5 - shot blok - 2:06 (25 minutes)
Mile 12.5 - shot blok - 2:31 (25 minutes)

0-15 minutes - 16 oz of water, 1 banana, 1 mozzarella cheese stick
30 minutes - 1/2 banana, 1 cheese stick
Drank 40 oz on the way home (45 minute drive).
Drank 16 oz of electrolyte laced water (1 full tab of Hammer Fizz) over next 2 hours at home.

Didn't eat enough during the race. Started eating way too late after the start. Would not have been able to do more miles. Eat more often, like every 15 minutes. Look for other sources of fuel in addition to shot bloks and alternate.

During the race, I only ate 40 carbs for 2:40 - only 15 carbs an hour. Was running on empty by the finish with very heavy legs. I should be eating 30-45 carbs per hour.
Drank water at every support stop, but likely only about 3 oz at a time. Need to drink more as well, but did better at drinking than eating.

Recovery was good, but I never would have been able to continue on for much further.
Need to practice eating on long runs in training.

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